Dermaplaning: The Female Version of a Peach Fuzz Shave with Benefits.

Although the word “Dermaplaning” sounds like some elaborate medical term, it really describes a form of facial shaving for women. A medical professional, such as an aesthetician, does this procedure by taking a sharp blade and running it along the surface of the face. The purpose is to remove Vellus Hair (peach fuzz), exfoliate the skin, promote luminosity, and prepare skin for greater ability to absorb anti-aging products.

Yet, through researching its history, it sounds like this procedure is old hat. Dating back to the time of ancient egypt, women like Cleopatra shaved not only their bodies, but even facial hair, to give an appearance of smooth, youthful skin.  In the most recent decades, celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are rumoured to have also used such methods.

It’s a quick and easy procedure that takes 15-20 minutes and can be done every 3-4 weeks. After this manual exfoliation, it is common and beneficial to have a chemical peel. Post dermaplaning, peels will penetrate the epidermis (top layer of skin) more easily; to treat problems of tone (sun spots, pigment) and texture (pores, acne, fine lines). Ask your aesthetician which peel is right for your skin type.

And for those of you who are screaming, “Hey, won’t my facial hair grow in thicker if I shave it?’ This is a myth that has been circulating for ages. Shaving or dermaplaning only cuts the top of the hair shaft off from the surface of the skin. It doesn’t change the growth rate of the hair or touch the hair bulb. It’s like cutting your lawn. You cut the grass blades that sit on the surface of the ground, the roots are intact. And unless you apply a fertilizer to the grass, + water, + sun, it is not going to grow just from mowing. Lesson here….don’t dermaplane and put Rogaine on your face….and you should be just fine!

But seriously, for those wanting to attain the smooth, shiny skin of this renewed technique, make sure you reach an experienced professional. Here in Vegas check out a new business dedicated just to this procedure called Dermaplane Diva ( Other noted professionals in the area are Advanced Aesthetics (, [ask for Kristine P., she’s wonderful!].

If your feeling adventurous, you can try shaving off your fuzz at home. I’ve known plenty of people who do. Yet, you likely will not get as close a shave, especiallly around facial contours. Also, make sure you obtain a razor better suited for this, like a facial or eyebrow razor. Afterwards, hydrate the skin with a good moisturizer. Neutrogena or Cerave creams are quite suitable for sensitive skin and possible post shave irritation.

You are now in the know! So here’s to a happy shave….or Dermablade! Enjoy a Beauty Unique to Your Body Everyday.

Learn more about our local Dermaplane Diva in my next article of My Vegas Magazine out March 15th!

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