Erasing Wrinkles is Easier Than You Think: Botulinum Toxin

Around age 30, many of us start to notice little facial lines come creeping in that never use to be there. It’s the onslaught of the aging process, but often we feel it as an attack on our physical identity. The inside is young and spry, but the outside is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Use of anti-aging products or procedures is a big business which caters to this idea. We want to look how we feel and at times we even want to look better than we feel.

Botulinum Toxin comes in a variety of brand names available to help erase facial wrinkles (Botox [], Xeomin [], Dysport []). These chemicals work by preventing movement of muscle in distinct facial areas, thereby preventing the accordian effect on skin after years of animated movement. Many clients come in and point to problem areas on their face they hope to fix with Botox, when its not an area that these chemicals would work in. Botulinum toxin is made mainly to reduce wrinkling of skin in the forehead and around the eyes. Remember it has to be injected into the thin muscle layer, not into fat loss areas (that’s another topic & another blog). Although there are some off lable injections for smoker’s lines above the lip, chin crinkling, and lower jaw wrinkles.

After being mixed, the botulinum fluid is injected into at least 11-21 points and has the sensation of a pinprick. Afterwards, the skin may look bumpy at the injection site, red, or spot a little. One of the most common side effects post treatment is headache, but other possible side effects are dry eyes, and in the most severe cases, temporary eyelid or eyebrow droop (low occurrence rate with proper injection technique).

The results may take as little as a few days to two weeks to fully appear. Most toxins will last 3-4 months, although in very active people it seems to metabolize quicker.

Many people have concerns about looking completely frozen with Botulinum toxin, but with the right technique your clinician can create a softer or a more drastic reduction in muscle movement. The key is the amount of injection in each area and where the injector is placing the fluid.

This procedure is quick and with minimal discomfort, but the results are fantastic! People who have the procedure done once are typically ecstatic at the difference it makes.

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