Parasol Virtual Dermatology does not accept insurance for payment. In doing so, we circumvent the middle-man and the stagnant nature of bureaucracy, to bring affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare to our communities.

The service you receive is provided by giving access to our stream-lined platform, to experienced Dermatology Clinicians, who want to offer medicine in their own way.

At Parasol Virtual Dermatology, we want to promote quality of life for our patients and clinicians. Therefore, we allow clinicians to make their schedule, visit durations, and adjust their own charges.

Nonetheless, our office visit prices are comparable to the average Dermatology Specialty co-pays, that insurances demand, of $30-$90 per visit. For many, this is a minimal investment compared to the wait time for a physical office visit or the real cost of such, if insurance deductibles have not been met for the year.


Some insurance plans will allow reimbursement from a non-formulary provider. You must check with your individual insurance plan to know if this is permissible.
If you would like to appeal to your insurance for coverage of your Parasol Virtual Dermatology Visit, please request for a reimbursement form from your clinician before or after your visit. Or you may email