Judith August Special Care Cover


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The BEST concealer for flusher-blushers….those with rosacea or normally ruddy skin tone. This product is gentle, and light while offering full coverage. If you have Rosacea, or simply clusters of broken capillaries, acne scars, or sunburn, a concealer with yellow undertones will erase the redness, bringing your skin tone back to normal.


  • Includes pomegranate, shea butter and aloe vera. These ingredients, plus two UV blockers, help retain moisture while counteracting “free radicals”.
  • Shades in the 3 part compact can be mixed to cover a range of skin tones from light medium to medium dark
  • Cancels red, bluish, or purple discoloration
  • Provides opaque coverage without being heavy
  • Used and recommended by skin care professionals nationwide
  • Includes free blending sponge & cosmetic spatula