Virtual Visit

  • Virtual visits will be done by HIPPA compliant technologies through your computer or mobile phone video component, for residents of Nevada or other approved states (click here to check availability in your state).
  • After registering, a visit of 10-minutes or longer will be allotted to discuss your symptoms and treatment regimen. Visits will cover one or two conditions only (dependent on payment level), to ensure timeliness of your clinician. Post-Visit, you will be provided with treatment guidelines and prescriptions (if indicated).
  • You are expected to take ownership of your own health. We advise you to thoroughly read all materials provided, to ensure appropriate care for your condition and access to resources and protocol you need for a speedy recovery.
  • Dermatology providers will decide the appropriate treatment for your condition.
  • *Remember* Not all skin, hair, or nail conditions require a prescription. Furthermore, there are conditions that only have OTC (over-the-counter) treatments. In such cases, we will recommend to you the highest concentrated OTC medications that can be obtained through our preferred partner, Parasol Dermaceuticals, or other online stores.
  • For any questions or concerns post visit, your provider can be reached via our secure messaging portal within the app or computer system.

E-Prescribe System

  • Prescriptions will be sent via the internet to a Preferred Pharmacy or one of your choice.
  • Our Preferred Pharmacies will deliver medications straight to your door delivered within 24-72 hours.
  • Prices for prescriptions can vary widely among pharmacies and insurances. Healthcare Providers are not aware of exact prices before sending.
  • Over the last decade, dermatology prescription prices have skyrocketed, even for generic medications. It is common to hear of medications costing $100 or more.
    • We can send alternative medications if you alert us that an RX is too expensive.
    • Our preferred pharmacies have prescription discount cards and programs on file, to automatically help our patients. However, if you choose a Non-Preferred Pharmacy, we have provided the links to print discount cards and present to your local pharmacy. (Please tap the appropriate link for your drug to access the website for a savings card. Read and follow all directions on the card. Make sure your pharmacist runs the card and then provides you with a quote on cost.)
    • *Remember* The tubes for many topical acne medications will last 2-3 months, while topical rash medications may last up to 1 month. Please figure that into your pricing estimate of affordability.
    • In the event, there are no medications in your budget, you will be referred to the closet possible OTC alternative (if one is available).
  • To organize delivery and pay for your prescription, please contact the Preferred Pharmacy (data on Choice & Wellcare Pharmacy Below) shortly after your virtual visit. Provide them with the necessary requested info…and voila…wait for your RX to arrive. If attending a traditional pharmacy, please allot at least an hour before picking up prescriptions.

Preferred Pharmacies (default pharmacies)

  • Preferred Pharmacies are those who have shown the historical ability to improve patient access to affordable medications and to work with providers in filing necessary paperwork to obtain them. They go above and beyond the average pharmacy to provide less-costly dermatology medications to patients.
  • Preferred Pharmacies save time in avoiding back-and-forth disputes over formulary, treatment history, co-pays, or deductibles in trying to get prescriptions approved.
  • General Dermatology Medication Preferred Pharmacies
    • Arizona: Gen Rx Pharmacy
      • How to Fill a New Prescription: “GenRx will work with your prescriber when you need a new prescription sent to our pharmacy. In many cases, your prescriber will electronically send or fax us the new prescription. However, you may also call one of our staff members at 866-453-6143 and ask that we contact your provider to obtain a new prescription. Patients may also hand-deliver an original copy of their prescription to our physical pharmacy location. Once your new prescription is received by our pharmacy, it will be processed and sent to you. One of our staff members will contact you if any information needs to be verified prior to the fill.”
    • Nevada: Choice Pharmacy 702-487-5207
  • Compound Medication Preferred Pharmacies

All States for Compound or Standard Prescriptions, Skin Medicinals Pharmacy

General Discount Cards

Pharmaceutical Company Discount Programs