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As a child, one of my favorite things to do was dream. Late at night when the world was at rest, staring out my third floor apartment window, glancing at how the street lights shone a filtered copper hue against the concrete. Looking up through the trees, whose leaves danced from the breathe of Lake Erie. Then into the sky, as I contemplated the idea that the stars which enveloped the massive darkness above me, were shared among cities and villages of far and distant lands, where new adventures awaited. It was those lands and adventures I craved. It was the intiution that my little feet would one day grow into big footprints, leaving the urban jungle for far greater accomplishments and journeys to be had.

Yet, journey’s amassed are often propelled through our own recognition of self and what we may uniquely offer in society. For me, I recognized that being a writer was like oxygen to my brain. It has always been the cathartic measure which I utilized to bring new life into myself and into others. Yet, my scientifically inquisitive nature and compassionate heart, created a divide in determining what path I would choose as my life’s work.

As a mature adult woman, I realized life is not black and white, but rather many shades of gray. In choosing a career which fostered my love for medicine, my desires to write did not have to flicker.

This blog and website is the fusion of written artistry and medicine. It represents the best of both worlds for me. Here I usurp the ability to help others through scientific exploration of health & biochemical concepts, in relation to products or treatments to improve the visage of every perons unique body.

Overall, this blog is a response to the various questions patients’ have for me, or even ones that get directed towards me from curious acquantainces out on the town. When people hear I work in Dermatology, I anticipate a night filled with wine, wart talks, mini mole exams, and discussions of Botox. However, I love educating others and here I will provide the answers to those pressing questions you have about the beauty & health of your outer body.

But enough about me…..I hope you enjoy all that is to come. May you be blessed with health and beauty unique to your body. Check back weekly for my latest blogs and webisodes, catering to your skin, hair, nail, and body needs!

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